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Jonathan Chenette
Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Music
Vassar College
124 Raymond Av.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0004

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Representative Compositions, Performances, and Recordings

2012 Four Fibs for SATB choir and piano, poem by A.E. Stallings (5:00)

  • 1st perf: Capella Festiva Chamber Choir, Christine Howlett, conductor; Vassar College Chapel, Poughkeepsie, NY, December 12, 2012

2010 Onomatopoeia for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, and cello (30:00)

  • 1st perf: Chatter (Jesse Tatum, flute; Melissa Pena, oboe; James Shields, clarinet; David Felberg, violin; Dana Winograd, cello), Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque, NM, November 14, 2010

2009 Jubilation for organ (4:00)

  • 1st perf: Marilyn Keiser, Trinity Episcopal Church, Bloomington, IN, August 22, 2009

2008 Macapay for Latin American duo and orchestra; also arranged for orchestra without soloists (5:00)

  • 1st perf: Louisville Orchestra school concerts, October 16-17, 2008, Jason Weinberger, conductor, Louisville, KY; Calle Sur and the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony, Jason Weinberger, conductor, Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, Cedar Falls, IA, October 19, 2008

2008 Grandmother’s Hymnal for tenor and piano based on the poem “On Opening My Grandmother’s Hymnal” by Sydney Lea (8:00)

  • 1st perf: Edwin Andereck, tenor, Jessica Paul, piano; Noble Recital Hall, Luther College, Decorah, IA, October 11, 2008

2007 Frolics for oboe and English horn (15:00)

  • 1st perf: Claire Chenette, oboe, Robert Walters, English horn; Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 12/6/07
  • 1.Singing (2.3 MB 2:34), 2.Chops (2.4 MB 2:37), 3.Joke (1.5 MB 1:39), 4.Meditation (3.7 MB 4:02), 4.Jazz (3.2 MB 3:28), .mp3

2007 In Eternity for soprano and organ based on a Latin text by St. Augustine its English translation by Peter Press (5:00)

  • 1st perf: Marie Press, soprano, John Chappell Stowe, organ, Wesley United Methodist Church, Muscatine, IA, 7/1/05

2007 Sextour Mystique by Heitor Villa-Lobos – celesta performer as part of sextet

  • recorded on Centaur CD 2839, “Music for Flute and Guitar”, Rebecca Stuhr, flute, George Torres, guitar

2004 Dvorak Variations for woodwind quintet (12:00)

2003 Spillville Variation for flute, viola, and guitar (1:30)

  • 1st perf: Red Cedar Chamber Music in a series of concerts in Cedar Rapids, IA, Spillville, IA, Washington, D.C., and Prague, Czech Republic, Sept/Oct 2004

2002 Elegy (5.2 MB, 9:11, .mp3) and Affirmation (3.7 MB, 6:33, .mp3) for cello and piano

  • 1st perf: David Evenchick, cello, and Eugene Gaub, piano, Blanden Memorial Art Museum, Ft. Dodge, IA, 9/22/02; excerpts broadcast statewide over Iowa Public TV's "Living in Iowa" program six times in 2003
2002 The Pale Queen of the Silent Night (2.4 MB, 4:16, .mp3) for mezzo-soprano, renaissance flute, bass viol, and lute
  • 1st perf: Virelai, Royal Academy of Music, London, U.K., 10/25/02
  • recorded by Virelai on Riverrun CD RVRCD62
2001 Skipped Stones for electronic media (sound and video projections)
  • Spring (4:47)
  • 1st perf: Haiku North America Conference, Boston Conservatory of Music, 6/29/01
2000 Rural Symphony for orchestra
  • 1st perf: Fort Dodge Area Symphony, Daniel Kleinknecht, conductor, Phillips Middle School Auditorium, Fort Dodge, IA, 10/15/00
  • recorded by the Grinnell Symphony Orchestra, Douglas Diamond, cond., on the CD "Images of Rural America" available from the Grinnell College Bookstore
2000 Fast Track (672k, 3:20, .mov for flute and guitar)
  • 1st perf: Boland-Dowdall Duo, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, 2/12/00
1998 Hyperbole (1.4 MB, 8:15, .mov) for solo piano
  • 1st perf:Jonathan Chenette, Daehler-Kitchin Auditorium, Coe College, Cedar Rapids Beethoven Club "Iowa Composers Concert," 4/18/99
1998 Nowel for SATB choir a capella; text by anon.; 3 min.
  • 1st perf: St. Paul's Episcopal Church Choir, Grinnell, IA, 12/24/99
1998 The Vow for SATB choir a cappella based on a poem by Edward Hirsch; 4 min.1998 Iowa Central Train for voice and piano based on an anonymous text from the 1910 Grinnell College "Cyclone"; 3 min.

1997 The Bright Harmonic String for treble choir and harp or piano; texts by anon. and Thomas Moore; 5 min.
  • 1st perf: Des Moines Children's Choruses, Inc., Eugene Wilson, cond., First Lutheran Church, Des Moines, IA, 5/3/98
1997 Strings in the Earth (6.7 MB, 3:32, .mp3) for treble choir and harp or piano; text by James Joyce; 4 min.
  • 1st perf: Des Moines Children's Choruses, Inc., Eugene Wilson, cond., Hoyt Sherman Place Auditorium, Des Moines, IA, 11/14/97

1997 Gloria for SATB and organ; 2 min.

1997 We Sing With Thanksgiving for soprano, tenor, and harp based on a text by Connie Wieman; 5 min.

1997 They Gathered to Worship, hymn, based on a poem by Betty Moffett; 2 min.

1996 Broken Ground for choir and orchestra; 37 min.

  • 1st perf: Des Moines Symphony Orchestra & Grinnell Singers, Joseph Giunta, cond., 5/11, 5/12, and 5/19, 1996. Broadcast statewide over Iowa Public TV 5/22/96
  • I. "The Ice-Glazed Landscape" (2.3 MB, 4:02, .mp3) recorded by the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra and the Grinnell Singers, cond. by Joseph Giunta, for the CD accompanying Platte Valley Review 30.1 (Spring, 2002)
1996 Broken Ground for choir, violin, and piano; 37 min
  • 1st perf: Grinnell Singers, John Stuhr-Rommereim, cond., Carnegie Hall, NYC, 3/29/96
1995 Posthumous Orpheus (4.7 MB, .mp3) for mezzo-soprano and lute; text by Edward Hirsch; 8 min.
  • 1st perf: King/Heringman Duo, London, England and Grinnell, IA, 9/15 /95 and 9/29/95
  • recorded by King/Heringman Duo on Capstone CD CPS8787
1994 Triple Feature for chamber orchestra; 19 min.
  • 1st perf: Cedar Rapids Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Christian Tiemeyer, cond., 2/4/94
  • I. Epic (14.1 MB, 7:28, .mp3), II. Romance (11.2 MB, 5:56, .mp3), III. Farce (10.6 MB, 5:33, .mp3)
1993 Prairie Autumn (7.5 MB, .mp3) for soprano and chamber ensemble or piano; 4 min.
  • 1st perf: Jean McDonald, soprano, with the Iowa Chamber Ensemble, Jonathan Knight cond., 9/11/93 and 9/24/93, Grinnell and Iowa City, IA
  • recorded by The American Celebration Duo (Diana Guhin Wooley, soprano; Richard Steinbach, piano) for the CD "Though Love Be a Day" (Innova #529)
  • published in the "Music in the Midwest" issue of the Platte Valley Review 30.1 (Spring, 2002): 93-98 and front/back covers
1993 Pleasant It Looked for SATB choir a cappella, based on a Winnebago (Anonymous) text; 4 min.
1986 - 1993 Eric Hermannson's Soul, opera based on Willa Cather's short story of the same name, libretto by the composer; 98 min.
1992 Four Character Pieces for flute and piano; 12 min.
  • 1st perf.: Iowa Music Teachers Assn 1992 Convention; also U. Wisconsin Madison
1992 Oh Millersville! for soprano and orchestra; texts by James Norman Hall; 24 min.
  • 1st perf: Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, Kristie Tigges, soprano, Nicholas Palmer, cond., 2/22/92
1991 Duo Variations for double bass and harp; 10 min.
  • 1st perf.: John Chiego, double bass, and Jeanmarie Chenette, harp. 3rd Annual Festival of the Iowa Composers Forum, King Chapel, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA, 9/22/91

1991 Out of the Land, cantata for solo baritone, choir, and organ, based on a poem by Paula Smith incorporating words from Grinnell College's first president, George Magoun (composed for the inauguration of Pamela Ferguson as the 11th President of Grinnell College); 8 min.

1991 Music for Episcopal Worship, a collection of settings of the Gloria, Sanctus, Memorial Acclamation, and Fraction Anthem, to be used in the worship of Episcopal Church congregations (commissioned by St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Grinnell, IA)

1990 Oh Millersville! for soprano and piano; texts by James Norman Hall; 37 min.

  • 1st perf: Amy Johnson, soprano, Richard Gordon, piano, Herrick Chapel, Grinnell College, Grinnell, IA 2/29/92
  • IX. "Places" published in "Music in the Midwest" issue of the Platte Valley Review 30.1 (Spring, 2002): 51-52.
  • IX. "Places" recorded by Melanie Ohm, soprano, and Gail Novak, piano, for CD accompanying Platte Valley Review 30.1 (Spring, 2002)
1989 Liberty from the Tyranny of 12 Equal Tones for synthesized horn quartet in 19 note equal temperament; 18 min.
  • 1st perf: Iowa Composers Forum, 9/10/89; performed at the Society for Electroacoustic Music National Conference in Baton Rouge, 10/14/90
1985 Fantasy and Fugue on BACH (12.4 MB and 10.1 MB, .mp3) for piano trio; 11 min.
  • 1st perf: Galliano and Mirecourt Trios, 11/14/85 and 12/13/85; also principal players of Canadian National Chamber Orchestra, International ASUC convention, Toronto, 3/7/86
1983 Chamber Symphony for 31 Instruments (7.1 MB, .mp3); 14 min.
  • 1st perf: Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, Ernest Bour, cond., ISCM World Music Days, 10/4/85; performed by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Enrique Diemecke, cond., 4/8/88
1982 Redolence (6.2 MB, .mp3) for solo harp; 4 min.
  • perf: New England Conservatory, 4/15/82 ; International Harp Congress,Vienna, 7/7/87
1981 Idyll (8.1 MB, .mp3) for soprano, flute, and harp; text by John Hawkes; 4 min.
  • perf: New England Conservatory, 4/15/82
1979 Jazmines (18.6 MB, .mp3) for baritone voice and 11 instruments; 11 min.
  • 1st perf: University of Chicago New Music Ensemble, Chicago, 11/18/79

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