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8b. The Combat Of Lethan And Cuchulain
Comrac Leathain fri Coinculainn

There came also Lethan ('the Broad') to his ford on the Nith in the land of Conalle Murthemni, to fight with Cuchulain. He came upon him at the ford. Ath Carpait ('Chariot-ford') is the name of the ford where they fought, for their chariots were broken in the combat on the ford.

Tánic dana Lethan for a áth for Nith i crích Conailli Murthetune do chomruc fri Coinculaind. Barrópart forsin n-áth. Áth Carpait a chomainm inn atha áit mal connairnechtatar, daig con mebdatar a carpait ic imthrutt isin n-áth.

It is there that Mulcha, Lethan's charioteer, fell on the shoulder of the hill between the two fords. Hence it is called Guala Mulchi ('Mulcha's Shoulder') ever since. It is there, too, that Cuchulain and Lethan met, and Lethan fell at Cuchulain's hands and he smote his head from his neck on the ford and left it therewith, that is, he left the head with the trunk. Wherefore the name of the ford of the Nith was called Ath Lethain ('Lethain's Ford') ever since in the district of Conalle Murthemni.

Is and-sin focera Mulchi forsin taulaig etir na da n-áth, conid de datá Gualu Mulchi dana béus. Is andsin dana condranic Cuchulaind & Letha(n), ocus dofuit Lethan fri Coinculaind, & tópacht a chen(n) die méde forsin áth & nadn -ácaib leis .i. fácbais a chend la cholaind, conid de atá in t-ainm forsin n-áth o sain .i. Áth Lethan i crích Conailli Murthemne.

Then came unto them the Crutti Cainbili ('the Tuneful Harpers'), from Ess Ruaid in the north to amuse them. They opined it was to spy upon them they were come from Ulster. When they came within sight of the camp of the men of Erin, fear, terror, and dread possessed them, and the hosts pursued them as never men pursued, far and wide, till they escaped them in the shapes of deer near the standing stones at Lia Mor ('Great Stone') in the north. For though they were known as the ' Mellifluous Harpers ' they were druids, men of great cunning and great power of augury and magic.

Andsain tancatar .i. crutti cáinbili o Ess Rúaid, da n-airfitiud. Indar leo-som rapo da tascelad o Ultaib, & rucsat in t-shluaig tafond direcra i fat forro con dechatar i n-delbaib oss n-alta uadib ic na corthib ic Líic Móir, ar giarsa chruitti cainbili atberthea friu, batir fir co morfhiss & go mórfhastine & druidect iat.

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