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17d. Dubthach's Jealousy

Then it was that jealousy, ill-will and envy possessed Dubthach Doel ('the Black-tongue') of Ulster because of his wife in regard to Cuchulain; and he counselled the hosts to act treacherously towards Cuchulain and to entrap him, even to lay up an ambush around him on all sides to the end that he might fall by them. And he spake these words:

Is and-sin ra gab ét & elcmaire & immfarmat Dubthach Dael Ulad imma mnái & dabert comairle braith & trécthi Conculaind dona sluagaib .i. cath etarnaid imme far cach leth, ar co taetsad leo. Ocus rabert na briathra sa:

"If this be the Twisted one,
By him shall men's bodies fall
Shrieks there shall be round the liss;
Deeds to tell of shall be wrought!

"Stones shall be on graves from him;
Kingly martyrs shall increase.
Not well have ye battle found
On the slopes with this wild Hound!

"Now the Wildman's form I see,
Nine o heads dangling by his side;
Shattered spoils he has, behold;
Ten heads as his treasure great!

"And your women, too, I see,
Raise their heads above the lines
I behold your puissant queen
Makes no move t'engage in fight!

"Were it mine to give advice,
Men would be on every side,
That they soon might end his life
If this be the Twisted one!"

Masu é in riastarde,
betit colla dóene de,
betit eigme de im lissu,
betit buind ri harissu. [betit brain ri brainessu]

Betit corrthe de im lechta,
bud fórmach do rigmartra.
Ni maith far-arlith in cath
ar leirg risin foendelach.

Atchiu chruth inn foendelaich
nóe cind leis i foendelaib,
atchiu fadb leis na bretaig,
deich cind ina rosetaib.

Atchiu forthocbat far mná
a n-aidche os na urgalá,
atchius(a) far rigain máir
na hérig dond imforrain.

Da m-bad me bad chomarlid,
da betís óic di cach leith,
co ro gartigtis a ré,
masa é in riastarde. M.

Fergus macRoig heard this and he deemed it an outrage that Dubthach should counsel how to betray Cuchulain to the hosts. And he reached him a strong, sharp kick with his foot away from him, so that Dubthach struck with his mouth against the group outside. And Fergus reproached him for all the wrongs and iniquities and treachery and shameful deeds he had ever done to the Ulstermen of old and anew. And then he spake these words:

Atchuala Fergus mac Roig aní sein & ba dimbág leis comairle braith Conculaind do thabairt do Dubthach dona sluagaib. Ocus ra bretha trénlua tarpech da choiss úad riss co tarla darráib ra budin anechtair. Ocus ra faismis fair na huli ulcu & écora & fell & mebol doringni ríam & iaram ra Ultaib. Ocus rabert na briathra and:

"If this 'Black-tongue' Dubthach be,
Let him skulk behind the hosts
No good hath he ever wrought
Since he slew the princesses!

"Base and foul, the deed he wrought:
Fiachu, Conchobar's son, he slow.
No more fair was heard of him:
Carbrè's death, Fedilmid's son!

"Ne'er for Ulster's weal doth aim
Lugaid's son, Casruba's scion
Such is how he acts to men:
Whom he stabs not he incites!

"Ulster's exiles it would grieve
If their beardless boy should fall.
If on you come Ulster's troops
They will make your herds their spoil!

"Strown afar your herds will be
By the rising Ulstermen.
Tales there'll be of mighty deeds
That will tell of far-famed queens!

"Corpses will be under foot
Food there'll be at ravens rests;
Bucklers lying on the slopes;
Wild and furious deeds increase!

"I behold just now your wives
Raise their heads above the ranks.
I behold your puissant queen
Moves not to engage in war!

"Valour none nor generous deed
Comes from Lugaid's craven son
Nor will kings see lances red,
If this 'Blacktongue' Dubthach be!"

Mas é Dubthach Dóeltenhga,
ar cúl na sluag bosrenga,
nocho dergena nach maith,
ó geguin inn ingenraid.

Ferais echt n-dochla n-dogair
guin Fiachach meic Conchobair,
nocho caeme ra chlas dó
guin Charpri meic Fedilmtheo.

Ni flaith Ulad nod chosna
mac Lugdach meic Casruba,
issed ra gní ra dóenib
cachnasruba risfaidib.

Ní maith ra longis Ulad
guin a meic nachallulach,
costud Ulad dan-for-tí,
con saifet far n-immirgi.

Scérdait far n-óendili i fat
re n-Ultaib, acht co n-eirset,
betit echta sceoil mára
betit rígna dermára.

. . .
betit buind fri brannusa,
betít faenscéith fri lerga,
bid tór(mach) na n-diberga

Atchiu ras furctat far mná
a n-gnúis ás na hirgala,
atchiu bhar rigain inmáir,
ni érig don immforrain.

Ni dergían gaisced no gart
mac Lugdach gan nach laechdacht.
ría ríg ni rúamnat renna,
mas e Dubthach Doeltenhga. M.

Thus far 'The Scythed Chariot.'

Carpat serda connice sin.

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