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21. Cuchulain and the Rivers

Then came certain men of the Ulstermen thither to help and succour Cuchulain. Before all, Senoll Uathach and the two sons of Gegè: Muridach and Cotreb, to wit. And they bore him to the streams and rivers of Conalle Murthemni, to rub and to wash his stabs and his cuts, his sores and his many wounds in the face of these streams and rivers. For the Tuatha De Danann were wont to put herbs and plants of healing and a curing charm in the waters and rivers of the territory of Conalle Murthemni, to help and to succour Cuchulain, so that the streams were speckled and green-topped therewith.

And-sain dariachtatar óendóene d'Ultaib and-so innossa d'fortacht & d'forithin Conculaind, .i. Senal Uathach & da mac Gégge .i. Muridach & Cotreb. Acus rucsatar leo é go glassib & go aibnib Conaille Murthemne, do thuargain & do nige a chneda & a chrechta, (a) alaid & a ilgona i n-agthib na srotha sain & na n-aband. Daíg dabertis Tuatha De Danand lubi & lossa ícce & slansen for glassib & aibnib crichi Conailli Murthemne, do fortacht & do forithin Conculaind, comtís brecca barruani na srotha díb.

Accordingly these are the names of the healing rivers of Cuchulain:

Sas, Buan, Buas, Bithslan, Findglas ('Whitewater'), Gleoir, Glenamain, Bedg, Tadg, Telameit, Rind, Bir, Brenidè, Dichaem, Muach, Miliuc, Cumung, Cuilind, Gainemain, Drong, Delt, Dubglas ('Blackwater').

Conid ed and-so anmanda na n-aband legis sain Conculaind:

Sáis, Buáin, Buas, Bithlain, Findglais, Gleóir, Glenamain, Bedg, Tadg, Telaméit, Rind, Bir, Brenide, Dichaem, Muach, Miliuc, Cumung, Cuilend, Gáinemain, Drong, Delt, Dubglass.

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