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9. The Proposals
Na coma

The four grand provinces of Erin proceeded till they pitched camp and took quarters in Druim En ('Birds' Ridge') in the land of Conalle Murthemni, and they slept there that night, and Cuchulain held himself at Ferta Illergaib ('the Burial-mound on the Slopes') hard by them that night, and he, Cuchulain, shook, brandished and flourished his weapons that night, so that one hundred warriors of the host perished of fright and fear and dread of Cuchulain.

Tancatar cethri ollchoiceda hErend co ragbatar dunad & longphort i n-Druim En i crich Conaille Murthemne inn aidchi sin. Ocus gabais Cuchulaind acond Ferta illergga na fírfocus inn aidchi sin, ocus cutlaigis, & bertaigis & crothais Cuchulaind a armu inn aidchi sin, co n-ebailt cét laéch din t-slúag ar gráin & ar ecla & ar úamun Conculaind.

Medb called upon Fiachu son of Ferfebè of the Ulstermen to go parley with Cuchulain, to come to some terms with him. "What terms shall be given him?" asked Fiachu son of Ferfebè. "Not hard to answer," Medb replied: "He shall be recompensed for the loss of his lands and estates, for whosoever has been slain of the Ulstermen, so that it be paid to him as the men of Erin adjudge. Entertainment shall be his at all times in Cruachan; wine and mead shall be poured out for him. And he shall come into my service and Ailill's, for that is more seemly for him than to be in the service of the lordling with whom he is.

Radis Medb fri Fiachu mac Firaba di Ultaib ar co n-digsed d'acallam Conculaind do brith choma dó. Ciarso choma no bértha dó, for Fiachu mac Firaba. Ni insa, ar Medb. Imdentar leis do neoch ro milled d'Ultaib, co ro icthar friss feib as dech atbera(t) fir hErend. Feiss i Cruachain dogrés dó, fín & mid do dáil fair, & tíchtain im géilsine-se & i n-gelsine Ailella, dáig is sochru dó ar beith i n-gelsine ind ócthigerna icatá.

Accordingly this was the greatest word of scorn and insult spoken on the Cow-Raid of Cualnge, to make a lordling of the best king of a province in Erin, even of Conchobar.

Conid sí briathar is mó gén & tarcassul ro ráided for Táin bo Cualnge,.i. ócthigern do denam din chuicedach is dech búi i n-hErind, .i. di Chonchobur.

Then came Fiachu son of Ferfebè to converse with Cuchulain. Cuchulain bade him welcome. "I regard that welcome as truly meant," said Fiachu. "It is truly meant for thee," replied Cuchulain. "Not for hospitality am I come, but to parley with thee am I come from Medb, and to bring thee terms." "What hast thou brought with thee?"

Tanic iarum Fiachu mac Firaba do acallam Conculaind. Ferais Cuchulaind failti fris. Tarissi limm. Tairisi duit-siu ón. Dot acallam tanae ó Meidb. Cid dobertais latt.

"Thou shalt be recompensed for whatsoever was destroyed of Ulster which shall be paid thee as best the men of Erin adjudge. Entertainment shalt thou enjoy in Cruachan; wine and mead shall be poured out for thee and thou shalt enter the service of Ailill and Medb, for that is more seemly for thee than to be in the service of the lordling with whom thou art." "Nay, of a truth," answered Cuchulain, "I would not sell my mother's brother for any other king!" "Further," continued Fiachu, "that thou comest to-morrow to a tryst with Medb and Fergus in Glenn Fochaine.

Imdenta latt an ro milled d'Ultaib, co ro icthar frit feib as dech atberat fir hErend. Feiss i Cruachain dait, fín & mid do dáil fort, ocus tíctain i n-gelsine Ailella & Medba, daig isochru dait andas bith i n-gelsine ind octhigern icatái. Ni thó omm, ar Cuchulaind. Ní recfaind-se brathair mo mathar bar ríg n-aile. Ocus ar co tís co moch imbarach i n-erus Medba & Fergusa co Glend Focháine.

Accordingly, early on the morrow, Cuchulain set forth for Glenn Fochaine. Likewise Medb and Fergus went to meet him. And Medb looked narrowly at Cuchulain, and her spirit chafed her at him that day, for no bigger than the bulk of a stripling did he seem to her. "Is that yonder the renowned Cuchulain thou speakest of, O Fergus?" asked Medb. And Medb began to address Fergus and she made this lay:--

Luid iarum Cuchulaind co moch arnabarach co Glend Focháine. Dothaét dana Medb & Fergus na chomdáil. Ocus tincais Medb ar Coinculaind & ceisis a menma fair in la sain, dáig ar bith ní mó na mod maccáim lee atacaemnaic. Inné sút in Cuchulaind airdairc atberi-siu a Ferguis, ar Medb. Ocus ra gab Medb ar acallam Fergusa & dorigni laid:

M: "If that be the noble Hound,
Of whom ye of Ulster boast,
What man e'er stout foe hath faced
Will fend him from Erin's men!"

F: "Howe'er young the Hound thou seest
That Murthemne's Plain cloth course,
That man hath not stood on earth
Whom he'd crush not with his might!"

M: "We will bring this warrior terms;
If he slight them, he is mad:
Half his cows, his women, half.
He shall change his way of fight! "

F: "My wish, that ye'll not o'ercome
This Hound from proud Murthemne!
Deeds he fears not-- fierce and bright--
This I know, if it be he!"

Mas é ucain in Cu cain
itirid-si in far n-Ultaib,
ni thabair a thraigid fri tend
na dinhgaib d'feraib hErend.

Cid óc in Cú sin atchí,
imriada Mag Murthemni,
ní thabair fri talmain traig
na dinhgba ar galaib oenfhir.

Berar coma úan don laech,
mad dia ti taris is baéth,
leth a bó dó is leth a ban
is clóechlád sé a gasced.

Fó lim gan a chlothar úaib
in Cú din Murthemni muaid,
ni hecal ria n-gním n-garb n-glé
ra fetar mas e side.

"Accost Cuchulain, O Fergus," said Medb. "Nay, then," quoth Fergus, "but do thou accost him thyself, for ye are not asunder here in the valley, in Glenn Fochaine." And Medb began to address Cuchulain and she made a lay, to which he responded:

Acaltar uáit Cuchulaind a Ferguis, ar Medb. Ni thó, ar Fergus, acht acall-su fessin é, for Fergus, dáig ni cían etruib immun glend sund, im Glend Fochaine. Ocus forfopart Medb for acallam Conculaind & dorigni laid:

M: "Culann's Hound, whom quatrains praise,
Keep thy staff-sling far from us;
Thy fierce, famed fight hath us ruined,
Hath us broken and confused!"

C: "Medb of Mur, he, Maga's son,
No base arrant wight am I.
While I live I'll never cease
Cualnge's raid to harass sore!"

M: "If thou wilt take this from us,
Valiant chief, thou Cualnge's Hound;
Half thy cows; thy women, half,
Thou shalt have through fear of thee!"

C: "As by right of thrusts am I
Ulster's champion and defence,
Naught I'll yield till I retrieve
Cow and woman ta'en from Gael! "

M: "What thou askest is too much,
After slaughtering our fair troops,
That we keep but steeds and gauds,
All because of one sole man! "

C: "Eocho's daughter, fair, of Fal,
I'm not good at wars of words;
Though a warrior-- fair the cheer--
Counsel mine is little worth! "

M: "Shame thou hast none for what thou sayest
O Dechtire's lordly son!
Famous are the terms for thee,
O thou battling Culann's Hound!"

A Chuchulaind cardda raind,
dingaib dín do chrantabaill,
ron baid-ne [nór forraig] do gleó garb gle,
ror briss is ror buaidre.

A Medb do Múr mac Magach,
ni dam drochlaech dimbagach,
noco treciub duit frim ré
immain tana bó Cualnge.

Mad dia n-gabtha-su úanni,
a Chú chomramach Cualnge,
leth da bó & leth do ban
rot biad, daig is ecengal.

Daig is mi ra recht rubad
ársid imdegla Ulad,
noco géb, co tartar dam
cach bó blicht cach teen Gaedel.

Is romór a n-admaide
ar cur ár ar n-degdaine,
formna ar n-ech is formna ar sét
ar ái oenfer d'imchomét.

A ingen Echach Find Fáil
ni dam maith-se oc immarbaig,
cid am laech-sa, lith n-gle,
att uaitte mo chomairle.

Ni athis duit natbere
a meic dronhgaig Dechtere
is robladach duit-siu in raind
a Chu chomramach Culaind.

When this lay was finished, Cuchulain accepted none of the terms which she had offered. In such wise they parted in the valley and withdrew in equal anger on the one side and on the other.

Aithle na laide sin. Ni ra gab Cuchulaind nach comai conaittecht fair. Ra díscailset immon-glend fón samlaid sin. Ocus balotar ass tria chomfeirg di leith for leth.

The warriors of four of the five grand provinces of Erin pitched camp and took quarters for three days and three nights at Druim En ('Birds' Ridge') in Conalle Murthemni, but neither huts nor tents did they set up, nor did they engage in feasts or repasts, nor sang they songs nor carols those three nights. And Cuchulain destroyed a hundred of their warriors every night ere the bright hour of sunrise on the morrow.

Gabait cethri ollchoiceda hErend dunad & longphort tri la & tri aidche ic Druim En i Conaillib Murthemne, acht ni ro sadit sosta no pupla & ni dernad praind no tomaltus leo & ni ra canait ceoil na arfiti leo, na trí aidchi sin. Ocus no marbad Cuchulaind cet laéch cach n-aidchi díb co solustrath n-ergi arna barach.

"Our hosts will not last long in this fashion," said Medb, "if Cuchulain slays a hundred of our warriors every night. Wherefore is a proposal not made to him and do we not parley with him?" "What might the proposal be?" asked Ailill. "Let the cattle that have milk be given to him and the captive women from amongst our booty. And he on his side shall check his staff-sling from the men of Erin and give leave to the hosts to sleep, even though he slay them by day."

Ní bat buana ar slúaig fon samlaid-seo, ar Medb, diammarbad Cuchulaind cét laech cach n-aidche úan. Cid na berar coma do & nach acaltar úaind é. Ciarso chóma sain, ar Ailill. Berar nas blichta dond alaid dó & nas daér na braiti. Ocus cosced a chrantabaill d'feraib hErend, ocus leiced écin cotlud dona sluagaib.

"Who shall go with that proposal?" Ailill asked. "Who," answered Medb, "but macRoth the chief runner!" "Nay, but I will not go," said macRoth, "for I am in no way experienced and know not where Cuchulain may be, and even though I should meet him, I should not know him." "Ask Fergus," quoth Medb; "like enough he knows where he is." "Nay, then, I know it not," answered Fergus; "but I trow he is in the snow between Fochain and the sea, taking the wind and the sun after his sleeplessness last night, killing and slaughtering the host single handed." And so it truly was.

Cia ragas frisin coma sin, ar Ailill. Cia, bar Medb, acht Mac Roth ind echlach. Ni rag omm, bar Mac Roth, dáig nirsa eolach etir & ni fetar gia airm inda fil Cuchulaind. Iarfaig do Fergus, ar Medb, is dóig a fiss lais. Ni fetar-sa ém, ar Fergus, act oen ba dóig lem a bith etir Fochain & muir, ic lécud gáithi & grene fóe ar nemchotlud na aidchi arráir ic slaide & áirdbe in t-sluaig a oenur. Fír dó-som sain.

Then on that errand to Delga macRoth set forth, the messenger of Ailill and Medb. He it is that circles Erin in one day. There it is that Fergus opined that Cuchulain would be, in Delga.

Heavy snow fell that night so that all the five provinces of Erin were a white plane with the snow. And Cuchulain doffed the seven-score waxed, boardlike tunics which were used to be held under cords and strings next his skin, in order that his sense might not be deranged when the fit of his fury came on him. And the snow melted for thirty feet all around him, because of the intensity of the warrior's heat and the warmth of Cuchulain's body. And the gilla remained a good distance from him for he could not endure to remain near him because of the might of his rage and the warrior's fury and the heat of his body.

Ferais tromsnechta inn aidchi sin, cor bo chlarfind uili coiceda hErend don t-snechtu. Ocus focheird Cuchulaind de na sect cneslénti fichet ciardai clardai bítis fo thétaib & rifetaib fria chnes, arnachandechrad a chond ceille, tráth doficfad a lúth lathair. Ocus legais in snechta tricha traiged ar cach leth uad, ra méit brotha in miled & ra tessaidecht cuirp Conculaind. Ocus ní chaemnaic in gilla bith i comfocus dó itir ra mét na feirge & bruthmaire in miled & ra tessaidecht in chuirp.

"A single warrior approacheth, O Cuchulain," cried Laeg to Cuchulain. "What manner of warrior is he?" asked Cuchulain. "A brown, broad-faced, handsome fellow; a splendid, brown, hooded cloak, about him; a fine, bronze pin in his cloak; a leathern three-striped doublet next his skin; two gapped shoes between his two feet and the ground; a white-hazel dog-staff in one of his hands; a single-edged sword with ornaments of walrus-tooth on its hilt in the other. "Good, O gilla," quoth Cuchulain, "these be the tokens of a herald. One of the heralds of Erin is he to bring me message and offer of parley."

Oenláech cucaind a Chucucain, for Láeg. Cinnas láech, ar Cuchulaind. Gilla dond drechlethan álaind, bratt dond derscaigthech immi, bruthgae umaidi na brut, tarbléni trebraid fria chness, da bernbróic etir a da choiss is talmain, matádlorg findchuill issindara láim, claideb lethfáebair co n-eltaib dét sind láim anaill dó. Aile a gillai, ar Cuchulaind, comartha n-echlaige sin. Cia d'echlachaib hErend sin do imluad athisc & irlabra frim-sa.

Now was macRoth arrived at the place where Laeg was. "How now! What is thy title as vassal, O gilla?" macRoth asked. "Vassal am I to the youth up yonder," the gilla made answer. MacRoth came to the place where Cuchulain was. "How now! What is thy name as vassal, O warrior?" asked macRoth. "Vassal am I to Conchobar son of Fachtna Fathach, son of the High King of this province." "Hast not something, a name more special than that?" "'Tis enough for the nonce," answered Cuchulain.

Doroacht Mac Roth iarum co ranic airm i m-bae Laeg. Ciarsat comainm celi-siu a gillai, ar Mac Roth. Am chéli-se ind óclaig út tuas, ar in gilla. Tanic Mac Roth cosin magin i m-bai Cuchulaind. Ciarso comainm celi-siu a óclaig, ar Mac Roth. Am cele-se Conchobair meic Fachtnai Fathaig. In fail ní as derbiu latt na sain. Lór sain i trath sa, ar Cuchulaind.

"Haply, thou knowest where I might find that famous Cuchulain of whom the men of Erin clamour now on this foray?" "What wouldst thou say to him that thou wouldst not to me?" asked Cuchulain. "To parley with him am I come on the part of Ailill and Medb, with terms and friendly intercourse for him." "What terms hast thou brought with thee for him?" "The milch-kine and the bondwomen of the booty he shall have, and for him to hold back his staff-sling from the hosts, for not pleasant is the thunder-feat he works every evening upon them."

Ar co festa-su dam-sa, cia airm i faigbind in Coinculaind airdirc-seo, imman-egat fir hErend in cur sa bar in t-sluagud sa. Cid atbertha-su friss nad ebertha frim-sa, ar Cuchulaind. Da acallam tanac o Ailill & o Meidb, ra coma & ra caincomrac dó. Cid dobertaisiu latt dó. Anas blicht dond alaid dó & anas daér don brait, & coisced a chrantabaill dona sluagaib, daig ní súairc in torandchless dogni-sium forro cach nóna.

"Even though the one thou seekest were really at hand, he would not accept the proposals thou askest." "For the Ulstermen, in reprisal for injuries and satires and hindrances, will kill for meat in the winter the milch-cows ye have captured, should they happen to have no yeld cattle. And, what is more, they will bring their bondwomen to bed to them, and thus will grow up a base progeny on the side of the mothers in the land of Ulster.

Cid airchind beth inti connaigi-siu i comfocus, ni gebad na comai conattgi-siu, daig mairfit Ulaid a m-blechtach do gressaib & glammaib [& géssaib] dar cend a n-enig, mani bé sescach occu. Ocus dana dobérat a mná daera bar lepthaib dóib, & asfaid dáermacne i crích Ulad alleth o mathrechaib samlaid.

MacRoth went his way back. "What! Didst thou not find him?" Medb asked. "Verily, I know not, but I found a surly, angry, hateful, wrathful gilla in the snow betwixt Fochain and the sea. Sooth to say, I know not if he were Cuchulain." "Hath he accepted these proposals from thee?" "Nay then, he hath not." And macRoth related unto them all his answer, the reason why he did not accept them. "It was he himself with whom thou spakest," said Fergus.

Luid Mac Roth ar cúl. Nad fuarais aile, ar Medb. Fuar-sa ém gilla gruamda ferggach n-uathmar n-anniaraid eter Fochain & muir. Ni fetar ém, inné in Cuchulaind. In ra gaib na comai sin. Nad ra gaib écin. Ocus innisis Mac Roth inní dona ra gaib. Is é-slum ra acallais, ar Fergus.

"Another offer shall be made him," said Medb. "What is the offer?" asked Ailill. "There shall be given to him the yeld cattle and the noblest of the captive women of the booty, and his sling shall be checked from the hosts, for not pleasant is the thunder-feat he works on them every evening." "Who should go make this covenant?" said they. "Who but macRoth the king's envoy," said every one. "Yea, I will go," said macRoth, "because this time I know him."

Berar coma aile dó, ar Medb. Ciarso choma, bar Ailill. Berar naseisc ind alaid dó & nasaér na braiti, & (coisced) a chrantabaill dona sluagaib, dáig ni suairc in torandchles dogní forro cach nóna. Cia ragas frisin coma sin. Cia acht Mac Roth. Ragad omm, ar Mac Roth, dáig amm eolach don chur sa.

Thereupon macRoth arose and came to parley with Cuchulain. "To parley with thee am I come this time with other terms, for I wis it is thou art the renowned Cuchulain." "What hast thou brought with thee now?" Cuchulain asked. "What is dry of the kine and what is noblest of the captives shalt thou get, and hold thy staff-sling from the men of Erin and suffer the men of Erin to go to sleep, for not pleasant is the thunder-feat thou workest upon them every evening."

Tánic Mac Roth d'acallam Conculaind. Dot acallaim tanac don chur sa, dáig ra fetar is tu in Cuchulaind airdairc. Cid dobertais latt samlaid. Naseisc ind alaid & nasaer na braiti, & coisc do cranntabaill do feraib hErend & léic cotlud d'feraib hErend, dáig ni suáirc in torandchless dogní-siu forro cach nóna.

"I accept not that offer, because, as amends for their honour, the Ulstermen will kill the dry cattle. For the men of Ulster are honourable men and they would remain wholly without dry kine and milch-kine. They would bring their free women ye have captured to the querns and to the kneading-troughs and into bondage and other serfdom besides. This would be a disgrace. Loath I should be to leave after me this shame in Ulster, that slave-girls and handmaids should be made of the daughters of kings and princes of Ulster."

Nad géb-sa na coma sain, daig mairfit Ulaid a sescach dar cend a n-aenig, ar it fíala Ulaid, ocus beit Ulaid can sescach & can blechtach itir. Doberat a mnaa saera ar brontib & lostib, & mugsaine & daeropair dóib. Ní maith lim-sa ind áil sin d'ácbail i n-Ultaib dar m'éis, cumala & banmogaid do denam d'ingenaib ríg & ríg-thoisech Ulad.

"Is there any offer at all thou wilt accept this time?" "Aye, but there is," answered Cuchulain. "Then wilt thou tell me the offer?" asked macRoth. "By my word," Cuchulain made answer, "'tis not I that will tell you." "It is a question, then," said macRoth. "If there be among you in the camp," said Cuchulain, "one that knows the terms I demand, let him inform you, and I will abide thereby." "If there be not," said Cuchulain, "let no one come near me any more with offers or with friendly intercourse or concerning aught other injunction, for, whosoever may come, it will be the term of his life! "

In fail coma gaba-su itir i fecht sa. Fail écin, ar Cuchulaind. Inn epirssu frim-sa in coma amlaid, ar Mac Roth. Dar brethir, ar Cuchulaind, ni me adféta dúib. Ceist didiu, ar Mac Roth. Matá ocaib sin dún ar medón, ar Cuchulaind, ro fessad na coma fail ocom-sa, ráded frib, & mani fail, na tecar dom innaigid-se ní bas mó im chomá no im chaenchomrac, ar cip é tí, bid se fot a saeguil.

MacRoth came back, and Medb asked his tidings. "Didst thou find him?" Medb asked. "In truth, I found him," macRoth replied. "Hath he accepted the terms?" "He hath not accepted," replied macRoth. "Is there an offer he will accept?" "There is one, he said," answered macRoth. "Hath he made known to thee this offer?" "This is his word," said macRoth, "that he himself would not disclose it to ye." "'Tis a question, then," said Medb.

Luid Mac Roth ar cúl. Ocus imfacht Medb scéla de. I(n) fuarais, ar Medb. Fuar omm écin, ar Mac Roth. In ra gab, ar Medb. Nad ra gab, ar Mac Roth. I(n) fail coma gabas. Fail dana atbert. Inn ébairt-sium frit-su in chóma sain. Is hí em a briathar, ar Mac Roth, na ba é dos-féta duib. Ceist didiu, ar Medb.

"But" (macRoth continued), "should there be one in our midst that knows his terms, that one would tell it to me." "And if there be not, let no one go seek him any more. But, there is one thing I promise thee," said macRoth; "even though the kingdom of Erin were given me for it, I for one would not go on these same legs to that place to parley with him again."

Acht matá lind ar medón ro fessed na coma fail laisium, asberad frim & meni fail na tecar da indsaigid ní bad siriu no bas mó. Acht is éiseo óenni moedim-se chena, ar Mac Roth. Cid rígi hErend dó, na rag-sa fessin da máidib fris.

Therewith Medb looked at Fergus. "What are the terms yonder man demands, O Fergus?" Medb asked. "I know what the man meant to disclose. I see no advantage at all for ye in the terms he demands," Fergus replied. "But what are those terms?" asked Medb. "That a single champion of the men of Erin be sent to fight and contend with him every day. The while he slayeth that man, the army will be permitted to continue its march. Then, when he will have slain that man, another warrior shall be sent to meet him on the ford. Either that, or the men of Erin shall halt and camp there till sunrise's bright hour in the morning. And further, Cuchulain's food and clothing shall be provided by you, so long as he will be on this expedition."

Is and-sin tincais Medb for Fergus. Ciarso choma connaig sút a Ferguis, ar Medb. Ni accim maith dúib itir din chomai connaig, ar Fergus. Ciarso choma sin, ar Medb. Oenfer do feraib hErend do chomruc fris cach dia. I(n) fat bethir ic a marbad ind fir sin, imthecht do lecud don t-sluag frissin. Mar thairc dana in fer sin do marbad, láech aile for áth do-som no nechtar de longphort & dunad do gabail d'feraib hErend and-sin co solustrath érge arnabárach, & a biathad & a étiud Conculaind for in tanaid se beus uaib-si.

"By our conscience," said Ailill, "this is a grievous proposal." "What he asks is good," replied Medb; "and he shall obtain those terms, for we deem it easier to bear that he should have one of our warriors every day than a hundred every night." "Who will go and make known those terms to Cuchulain?" "Who, then, but Fergus?" replied Medb.

Isí ar cubais, ar Ailill, is coma dímaig. Is maith an condnaig, ar Medb, ocus atetha-som na comai sin, dáig ar bith iss assu lind oenláech uaind cach lái dó-som oldas cet laech cach n-aidchi. Cia rages frisnaib comai sin dia innisin do Coinculaind. Cia dana acht Fergus, ar Medb.

"Nevermore!" said Fergus. "Why not?" asked Ailill. "Bonds and covenants, pledges and bail shall be given for abiding by those terms and for their fulfillment towards Cuchulain." "I abide by it," said Medb, and she fast bound Fergus to them in like manner.

Ni tho, for Fergus. Cid són, for Ailill. Co tartar cuir & glinni, ratha & trebairi imm airisium ar na comai sin & ma tabairt di Choinculaind. Ataimim-si ém, ar Medb, & aurnaidmis Fergus fón samlaid cetna foraib.

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