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8. The Slaying Of Orlam
Aided Orlaim.

The four grand provinces of Erin set forth on the morrow eastwards over Cronn ('the Round'), which is a mountain. Cuchulain had gone out before them, till he came upon the charioteer of Orlam son of Aililla and of Medb. This was at Tamlacht Orlaim ('Orlam's Gravestone') a little to the north of Disert Lochaid ('Lochat's Hermitage'). The charioteer was engaged in cutting chariot-poles from a holly-tree in the wood.

Tancatar cethri ollchoicid hErend arnabarach dar Cruind (.i. sliab) sair. Luid Cuchulaind ríam remain rempu, con arnaic fri araid Órláim meic Ailella & Medba. Ro bái oc Tamlactain Órlaib fri Disert Lochad atuaid. Bui ic buing na fertas carpait culind issin fid.

"Behold, O Laeg," cried Cuchulain; How bold are the ways of the Ulstermen, if it be they that cut down the woods in this fashion in the face of the men of Erin. Tarry thou here a little, till I know who cuts down the woods in this manner." Then Cuchulain went on till he came up to Orlam's charioteer, to stop him; he thought he was one of the men of Ulster. "What dost thou here, gilla?" asked Cuchulain; "Indeed, then," answered the gilla, "I cut chariot poles from this holm, because our chariots were broken yesterday in pursuit of that famous wildling, namely Cuchulain. And for thy manhood's sake, young warrior, pray come to my aid, so that that famous Cuchulain come not upon me." "Take thy choice, gilla," said Cuchulain, "to gather or to trim them, either." "I will see to gathering them, for it is easier," the gilla answered.

Amae a Láeig, ar Cuchulaind, is tarpech in mod do Ultaib, mas iat benas in fid fon samlaid se ar cind fer n-hErend, ocus airisiu sund bic, co fessur-sa cia benas in fid fon samlaid se. Luid Cuchulaind iarum, con arnaic frisin n-araid. Cid dogni-siu sund a gillai, ar Cuchuhlaind. Itúsa ém, ar in gilla, oc boing na fertas carpait culind sund, daig ar bith ro mebtatar ar carpait inné ic taffund na hailiti urdairce út .i. Conculaind, ocus ar bith t'óclachaisiu a óeclaich conhgain lim-sa, nacham thair in Cuchulaind urdairc sin. Roga duit a gillai, ar Cuchulaind, a n-imtheclamad no a n-imscothad nechtar-de. Dogén a n-imtheclamad, daig is assu.

Cuchulain started to cut the poles and he drew them between the forks of his feet and his hands against their bends and their knots, so that he made them smooth and straight and slippery and trimmed; he polished them so that not even a midge could find footing thereon when he had passed them away from him. Then full sure the gilla gazed upon him. "Far then, meseems, from fitting is the task I put on thee. And for love of thy valour, who art thou, say, O warrior?" the gilla asked, for he was sore affrighted. "That same renowned Cuchulain am I of whom thou spakest a while ago in the morning." "Woe is me then, by reason of this," cried the gilla, "for this am I lost forever."

Forrópart Cuchulaind for a n-imscothad & nos tairnged tria ladraib a choss & a lám i n-agid a fíar & a fadb, con denad a féth & a snass & a slemnugud & a cermad, nos blathiged conna tairised cuil forru, tráth nos leiced úad. And-sin nod fégand dana in gilla. Dar lim ám ale, ní hopair chóir dombiurt-sa fort-su itir. Cóich thussu itir, bar in gilla. Is missi in Cuchulaind airdairc atbertaisiu imbuaruch. Romairc se ón ém, ar in gilla, darochar de-side co bruinni m-bratha.

"Fear nothing; I will not slay thee at all, boy," said Cuchulain; "for I slay nor charioteers nor horseboys nor persons unarmed. But, prithee, where is thy master, gilla?" "Over yonder by the trench, with his back to the pillar-stone," answered the gilla. "Off with thee thither to him and bear him a warning that he be on his guard. For if we meet he shall fall by my hand." Thereupon the charioteer repaired by one way to his master, and Cuchulain went by another, and fast as the gilla sped to Orlam, faster still Cuchulain did reach him and offered him combat and he struck off his head, and raising it aloft displayed it to the men of Erin.

Nad bia etir a gillai, ar Cuchulaind, ar ní gonaim aradu no echlachu no aes gan armu. Is cia airm itá do thigernasu chena ale. Aracút tall for in fertai, ar in gilla. Dó duit-siu connice & urtha robud dó & ar dogné fatchius. Daig dia condrísam, dofaeth lem-sa. Luid iarsain in t-ara do saigid a thigerna, & cid lúath condránic in gilla, luathiu con arnic Cuchulaind, & topacht a chend de Orláb, ocus turcbais & tasbenais do feraib hErend in cend.

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