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18a. The Misthrow At Belach Eoin.
Imrol Belaig Eoin and-so insiossa.

Then came to them Fiacha Fialdana ('the Generous and Intrepid') of the Ulstermen to speak with the son of his mother's sister, namely with Manè Andoè ('the Unslow') of the Connachtmen. And thus he came, and Dubthach Doel ('the Black Tongue') of Ulster with him. It was in this wise that Manè Andoè came, and Dochè son of Maga along with him.

Is and-sin ra dechaid chucu-som Fiacha Fialdána do Ultaib d'acallaim meic sethar a mathar, (.i.) Mane Andóe de Chonnachtaib. Ocus is amlaid tánic som & Dubthach Dóel Ulad mar oen riss. Is amlaid tánic in Mane Andóe no & Doche mac Mágach ar oen riss.

When now Dochè macMagach espied Fiacha Fialdana, he straightway hurled a spear at him, but so that it went through his own friend, through Dubthach Doel of Ulster. Then Fiacha Fialdana hurled a spear at Dochè macMagach, so that it went through his own friend, through Manè Andoè of Connacht. Thereupon said the men of Erin: "A mishap in throwing," they said, "is what hath happened to the men, for each of them to kill his friend and nearest relation."

Adhan-accaig in Dóche mac Magach in Fiacha Fíaldána, tarlaic sleig fair fá chetóir , co m-bói triana charait fadessin, tri Dubthach Dael Ulad. Tarlaic in Fiacha Fíaldana sleig for Dóche mac Magach, co m-bái tri(a)na charait bhadessin, tri Mane Andóe de Chonnachtaib. And-sin atrubratar fir hErend: Is imroll díbairgthi, bar iat-som, atarla dona feraib, cách díb do guin a charat & a choibnesaim badessin.

Hence this is entitled Imroll Belaig Eoin ('the Misthrow at Bird-pass'). And 'the Other Misthrow at Bird-pass' is another name for it.

Conid Imroll Belaig Eoin and-sin. Ocus Imroll aile Belaig Eoin ainm aile do no.

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