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26. The Decision of the Battle
Gleoud in chatha.

It was on that night that the Morrigan, daughter of Ernmas, came, and she was engaged in fomenting strife and sowing dissension between the two camps on either side, and she spoke these words:

Is hí inn aidchi sin ra dechaid in Morrígu ingen Ernmaiss, go m-bái oc indloch & oc etarchossait eter na da dúnad chechtarda. Acus rabert-si na briathra sa:

"Ravens shall pick
The necks of men!
Blood shall gush
In combat wild!
Skins shall be hacked
Crazed with spoils!
Men's sides pierced
In battle brave,
Luibnech near!
Warriors' storm;
Mien of braves;
Cruachan's men!
Upon them comes
Ruin complete!
Lines shall be strewn
Under foot;
Their race die out!
Then Ulster hail:
To Erna woe!
To Ulster woe:
Then Erna hail!
(This she said in Erna's ear.)
Naught inglorious shall they do
Who them await!"
Crennait brain
braigte fer
brunnid [fer] fuil.
feochair cath
mescthair tuind.
fadbaib luind.
taib imthuill
lúth fiansa
fethal ferda
fir Chruachna
Cuirther cath
bha chossaib aráile.
ebhlatt ar réim.
Bochin Ultu
bhómair Érno.
bhochin Ulto.
. . . .
Issed dobert i cluáis n-Erand
Ni firfet anhglé
fail for a cind.

It was then that Cuchulain spake to Laeg son of Riangabair. "It would surely be unworthy of thee, O Laeg my master," said Cuchulain, "if between the two battle-lines there should happen anything to-day whereof thou hadst no tidings for me." "Whatsoever I shall learn, O Cucucuc," answered Laeg, "will be told thee. But, see yonder a little flock coming forth on the plain from the western camp and station now. Behold a band of henchmen after them to check and to stay them. Behold also a company of henchmen emerging from the eastern camp and station to seize them." "Surely, that is so!" exclaimed Cuchulain. " That bodes a mighty combat and is the occasion of a grand battle. The little flock will come over the plain and the bands of henchmen will encounter the little flock on the great field of battle." There, indeed, Cuchulain spoke true. And the little flock came forth upon the plain, and the companies of henchmen met in fray.

Is and-sain rabert Cuchulaind ra Laeg mac Raingabra. Bá líag ám dait-siu ammo phopa Láig, bar Cuchulaind, na dernhtá eter na da chath cechtarda indiu ní na beth a fis acut dam-sa. Cacha finnub-sa de aní a Chucucuc, bar Laeg, innisfithir duit-siu. Acht undsea albhín assin dunud & assin longphurt aníar innossa barsin mag. Undsea chethirn n-gilla na n-diaid dá fostud & dá n-imfuirech. Undsea chethirn n-gilla no assin dunud & assin longphurt anair da tetarrachtain. Is fír ám sain ale, bar Cuchulaind. Is mana morglíad sain & is adbar n-degdebtha. Ragaid in t-albhín borsin mag & condricfat in gillanraid. A condricfat ind róe mór bha chetóir. Ba fír ám do Choinculaind anísin. Acus lotar in t-albhín bharsan mag. Acus conráncatar in gillanrad.

"Who gives the battle now, O Laeg my master," Cuchulain asked. "The folk of Ulster," Laeg answered: "that is the same as the young warriors of Ulster." "But how fight they?" Cuchulain asked. "Like men they fight," Laeg answered. "There where are the heroes of valour from the east in battle, they force a breach through the ranks to the west. There where are the heroes from the west, they lay a breach through the ranks to the eastward."

Cia con firend in cath innossa a mo phopa Laig, bar Cuchulaind. Áes Uladh, bar Laech, inund & aés ócbad. Cindas con feagat ale, bar Cuchulaind. Is ferda con fegat, bar Laég. Airm itát na láith gaile anair isin cath, berait toilg trisin cath síar. Airm itát na laith aníar, bérait toilg trisin cath sair.

"I grieve that I am not yet strong enough to be on my feet amongst them. For, were I able to be on my feet amongst them, my breach would be manifest there to-day like that of another!" "But, this avow, O Cucuc," said Laeg: "it is no reproach to thy valour; it is no disgrace to thine honour. Thou hast done bravely in time before now and thou wilt do bravely hereafter."

Appraind nacham-fuil-sea do nirt beith eturru dom choiss de-side, daíg da m-beind-sea do nirt beith dom choiss rapad réil mo thoilg-sea and-sain indiu i cumma cháich. Cossan archena a Chucuc, bar Laech. Ni tár dot gasciud, ní haisc dot inchaib, doringnis maith reme sút & dogéna na díaid.

"Come, O my master Laeg!" cried Cuchulain; "rouse the men of Ulster to the battle now, for it is time that they come." Laeg came and roused the men of Ulster to battle, and he uttered these words there:

Maith a mo phopa Laíg, bar Cuchulaind. Todúsig do Ultaib dochum in chatha fodesta, daíg is mithig dóib a thechta. Tanic Laeg & todíuscis de Ultaib dochum in chatha & rabert na briathra and:

"Arise, ye kings of Macha,
Valiant in your deeds!
The Badb doth covet
Imbel's kine.
Blood of hearts pours out!
Goodly heroes' battle rushes in
With deeds of valour!
Hearts all red with gore:
Brows turned in flight.
Dismay of battle riseth.
For there was never found
One like unto Cuchulain,
Hound that Macha's weal doth work!
If it is for Cualnge's kine,
Let them now arise!
R. Comeirget ríg Macha
míannaigther Badbh
bó Immail.
insernd cru cridi
inreith nith niaba
bar nertaib gal.
bar cridib crú.
bar tilaib téici.
in sním nítha.
daíg ni fríth ra Coinculaind comchosmail.
Cu gonben mían Macha.
mas ar búaib Cualnhge
coméirget. Com.

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