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19c. The Combat of Calatin's Children
Comrac Clainne Calatín.

Then was it debated by the men of Erin who would be fit to contend and cope with Cuchulain at the morning hour early on the next day. What they all said was, that Calatin Dana ('the Bold') would be the one, with his seven and twenty sons and his grandsons Glass macDelga. Thus were they: Poison was on every man of them and poison on every weapon of their arms; and not one of them missed his throw, and there was no one on whom one of them drew blood that, if he succumbed not on the spot, would not be dead before the end of the ninth day.

Is and-sin ra himraided ac feraib hErend, cia bad chóir do chomruc & do chomlund ra Coinculaind, ra huair na maitne muche arna barach. Issed ra raidsetar uile co m-bad é Calatín Dana cona secht maccaib fichet & a ua Glass mac Delga. Is amlaid ra bátar saide: neim ar cach fir díb & neim ar cach arm da n-armaib, & ni theilged nech díb urchor n-imraill, & ni fuil bar a fuliged nech díb, man bad marb a chetóir, ra bhad marb ria cind nomaide.

Great gifts were promised to them for engaging to do battle and to contend with Cuchulain. And they took the matter in hand, and it should be in the presence of Fergus that the covenant would be made. But Fergus refused to have part therein, for what they all contended was that they would hold it as a single combat, a combat, to wit, of Calatin Dana and his seven and twenty sons and his grandson Glass macDelga; for their contention was that his son was a limb of his limbs and a part of his parts, and that to Calatin Dana belonged all that proceeded from his body.

Do-ra-gelta comada móra dóib ar in comlund & ar in comruc do denam. Acus ra gabsat do láim a denam, & bad fiadnaisi d' Fergus ra naidmthea sain. Acus ra femmid tiachtain taris, dáig issed ra raidsetar, cor bho chomlund oenfir léo, Calatin Dána cona secht maccaib fichet & a úa Glass mac Delga, dáig issed ra raidset, cor bo ball da ballaib a mac & cor bo irrand da irrandaib, & co m-bad ra Calatin Dána sochraiti a chuirp fadessin.

Fergus betook himself to his tent and to his people and he breathed his sigh of weariness aloud. "Grievous it seems to us, the deed to be done here on the morrow," quoth Fergus. "What deed may that be?" asked his people. "The slaying of Cuchulain," answered Fergus. "Alas," said they, "who should kill him?"

Tanic Fergus reme dochum a phupla & a muntiri & rabert a osnad scísi bar aird. Is trúag lind in gním doníther imbarach and, bar Fergus. Garsa gním sain, bar a munter. Cuchulaind do marbad, bar é-sium. Uch, bar íat-som, cia marbas.

"Calatin Dana," he replied, "with his seven and twenty sons and his grandson Glass macDelga. For this is their nature: Poison is on every man of them and poison on every weapon of their arms; and there is no one on whom one of them draws blood, that, if he succumb not on the spot, will not be dead before the end of the ninth day. And there is no one of you that would go and learn for me and be witness of the battle and fight and bring me news how Cuchulain died on whom I would not bestow my blessing and armour." "I will go thither," spake Fiachu son of Ferfebè.

Calatin Dana, bar e-sium, cona secht maccaib fichet & a úa Glass mac Delga. Is amlaid atát, neim ar cach fir díb & neim ar cach arm da n-armaib, & ni fuil bar a fuliged nech díb, munub marb a chetóir, na ba marb ria cind nómaide. Acus ni fuil digsed da fiss dam-sa bhad fiaduaisi don chomlund & don chomroc, & daberad a fiss dam mar da mairbfithea Cuchulaind, ná tibrind mo bennactain & mh'eirred. Rachat-sa and, bar Fiachu mac Firaba.

They abode so that night. Early on the morrow Calatin Dana arose with his seven and twenty sons and his grandson Glass macDelga, and they went forward to where Cuchulain was. And there went also Fiachu son of Ferfebè. And when Calatin arrived at the place where Cuchulain was, they forthwith hurled their nine and twenty spears, and not one of them went past him by a misthrow. Cuchulain played the edge-feat with his shield, so that all the spears sank up to their middles into the shield. But for all that, theirs was no erring cast, not one of the spears was blooded or reddened upon him.

Dessetar and inn aidchi sin. Atraacht Calatin Dána co moch arna bárach cona secht maccaib fichet & a úa Glass mac Delga. Acus tancatar rempo co hairm i m-bae Cuchulaind, acus tanic no Fiacho mac Firaba. Acus án úair ranic Calatin co airm i m-bae Cuchulaind, tarlaicset annóe n-gae fichet fair a chetóir, & ní dechaid urchur n-imruill díb secha. Doringni Cuchulaind faebarchless don scíath, com-das-ralatar uile co a m-bolganaib sin scíath. Act nirb urchur n-imruill dóib-sium sain, nir fulig & nir forderg gae díb fair-sium.

Thereupon Cuchulain drew his sword from the sheath of the Badb, to cut away the weapons and lighten the shield that was on him. While thus engaged, they rushed in upon him and delivered their nine and twenty right fists at the same time on his head. They smote him and curbed him withal, till his face and his countenance and visage met the sand and gravel of the ford. Cuchulain raised his warrior's shout aloud and his cry of unequal combat, so that there was not an Ulsterman alive in the camp of those that were not asleep but heard it.

Is andsain barróisc Cuchulaind in claidiub assa intiuch Bhodbha, d'imscothad na n-arm & d'immetrommugud in scéith fair. I céin ra búi seom aice-sain, raethsat-som chuce & ra sáidsetar na nóe n-desndurnu fichet inn oenfecht ina chend. Da chursatar sun & ra chrommsatar leó é, co tarla a gnúis & a aged & a einech ra grian & ra ganem inn átha. Ra bert-sun a rucht míled bar aird & a iachtad n-écomlaind, connach bái d'Ultaib i m-bethaid do neoch do nar bo chotlud na cuala.

Then came Fiachu son of Ferfebè after themand he saw what they did and a qualm of love came over him, and he drew his sword from the sheath of the Badb and dealt them a blow, so that he cut off their nine and twenty right fists from them at one stroke, and they all fell backwards from the intensity of the exertion and hold which they had.

Andsaic [sic] dariacht Fiacha mac Firaba da saigid & atconnairc aní sin. Acus tánic a ell chondailbi fair acus barróisc in claideb asa intiuch bhodbha & ra bert béim dóib, co ro scoth a nóe n-desndurnu fichet d'oenbulli díb, & co torchratar uile dar a n-aiss ra dichracht ind fedma & in gremma irra batar.

Cuchulain raised his head and drew breath and gave a sigh of weariness and perceived who it was that had come to his aid. "A ready relief, O foster-brother, what thou hast done," said Cuchulain. "Although for thee a ready relief," said Fiachu, "yet is it not so for us. Even though we are the best division of three thousand of the Clann Rudraige in the camp and station of the men of Erin, we shall all be brought under the mouth of spear and of sword, however feeble thou mayst deem the blow I struck, if this treason be found in us."

Tuargaib Cuchulaind a chend & ra theilg a anail & ra bert a osnaid scísi fair anechtair & ra chonnaic intí ra fóir é. Is téoir ineim a derbchomalta, bar Cuchulaind. Cid teoir ineim duit-siu é, ní ba teóir anéim dúnni. Doig ra fuilemm trichait chet inas dech clainne Rudraige i n-dúnad & illongphort fer n-hErend, rar-berthar uile fa gin gae & chlaidib, cid bec lat-su in béim ra benas-sa, mad dia festar forand é.

"I give my word," quoth Cuchulain; "so soon as I raise my head and draw breath, and unless thou thyself tellest the tale, not one of these ever will tell it, not a man of them shall reach the camp alive!" With that, Cuchulain turned on them, and he fell to smiting and hewing them, so that he sent them from him in small disjointed pieces and divided quarters eastwards and westwards along the ford. A single man got away from him, trusting to his speed while Cuchulain was busied beheading the rest; it was Glass macDelga. And Cuchulain raced after him like a blast of wind, and Glass ran on round the tent of Ailil and Medb, and all he could pant out was, "Fiach! Fiach!" when Cuchulain fetched him a stroke that cut off his head.

Tiur-sa brethir, bar Cuchulaind, o thuargabusa mo chend & ara thelgius m'anal, acht mana derna bhadessin scél fort nach nech dib-siút dagena fadesta. Is and-sin imsóe Cuchulaind friu & ra gab bar a slaide & bar a slechtad co ros cuir úad na n-ágib minta & na cethramthanaib fodalta ar fut inn atha sair & síar. Ra étla óenfer díb úad immunigin a retha, icéin ra búi-sium ar díchennad cháich, .i. Glas mac Delga. Acus ra bert Cuchulaind sidi friss, & tanic reme timchell pupla Ailella & Medba & ni arnecair úad a ráda acht Fiach Fiach trath ra bert Cuchulaind béim dó co tópacht a chend de.

"'Tis quick work was made of that man," quoth Medb. "What debt (fíach) was that he spoke of, O Fergus?" "I know not," Fergus answered, "unless it be some one in the camp and quarters that owed him a debt. It is that which troubled his mind. But be that as it may," continued Fergus, "it is a debt of blood and flesh for him. And upon my word," Fergus added, "now are his debts paid to him for good and all!"

Is throit (.i. is opund) ra bass risin fer út, bar Medb, ga fíach sút ra imráid a Ferguis. Nad fetar, bar Fergus, acht meni dlessad fiachu do neoch sin dúnud & sin longphurt. Is íat ra bói arari. Acht atá ni chena, bar Fergus, is fiach fola & feola dó-som é. Atiar-sa brethir chena, bar Fergus, is innossa ra ictha a féich uile in oenfecht riss.

In this wise fell Calatin Dana ('the Bold') at the hands of Cuchulain, together with his seven and twenty sons and his grandson Glass macDelga. So that for evermore in the bed of the ford is still the rock whereabout they had their strife and struggle; and the mark of their sword-hilts is in it and of their knees and their elbows and of their spears. Hence Fuil Iairn ('Blood of Iron') to the west of Ath Firdead ('Ferdiad's Ford') is the name of the ford. It is for this it is called Fuil Iairn, because of the 'blood over weapons' that was there.

Darochair Calatin Dana bán coir sin ra Coinculaind, cona secht maccaib fichet & a ua Glass mac Delga. Conid marthanach ar lár inn atha fos in chloch ma n-dernsat a sroengal & a n-imreson, inad elta a claideb inti & a n-gluni & a n-ullend & erlanna a sleg. Conid Fuil iairn ra Ath Fir dead aníar ainm inn átha. Is aire atberar Fuil ris, dáig bae fuil dar faebor and.

Thus then the Combat of the Clann Calatin.

Conid comrac clainne Calatin connice sin.

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